Tuesday, 17 August 2010

David Rides Motorbike at His Own Wake

Is this the latest craze in Puerto Rico ? Where the men who die young, attend there own wake posing?

Last Thursday, a 22 year old Puerto Rican man was shot to death while riding on his motorcycle. The man was David Morales Col√≥n and his wake has been making headlines in the United States. The funeral director at Marin Funeral Home in San Juan’s Hato Rey neighborhood arranged for David's remains to be displayed riding his motorbike.
In 2008, they also embalmed Angel , who was a victim of a shooting as well, and displayed his body in a standing position!

People who came in and gave respects to Mr. Colon, were shocked and surprised to see that he was not lying down in his casket, but that he was dressed in street clothes, sporting sunglasses and posed at a life-like position atop his Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4. According to sources, this bike was given to him by his uncle after his untimely passing and the members of the family delivered the bike to his home for this unusual wake.

Death is something that not most of us are prepared for, but this man, has already planned for it and even asked his family to grant his wish when he dies.

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