Saturday, 31 July 2010

Angel's Last Wish Fulfilled

I would like to state that I do not wish to offend anyone with this next post and my condolenceses go out to this young mans family

Angel Pantoja Medina (24yrs) of Puerto Rico had long requested to stand upright for his own wake when he died. His brother Carlos said “We use to talk about this stuff. He said he wanted to be happy, standing, ready to party when it was his time.”
A special embalming treatment was used to fulfill his last wishes.
Angel was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother's living room for three days.
He had been found dead August 15 2008 underneath a bridge, circumstances unkonwn.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

It looked like a Glow-worm......

This cute little frog ( yes he is a real live one ) obviously mistook the string of bulbs as a light-meal...
He came to no harm,